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Item need to submit for connection issue
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1) Picture of ONU - white fiber modem

Front - shown LED light and cable connectio

Back - login info

2) Picture of SSID (Wi-Fi name) list, indicate which SSID belong to ONU

3) Clear screenshot results,

3a) Disconnect other Wi-Fi or LAN device first

3b) accurate method is with LAN

3c) If LAN not available, do it near modem and connect to Wi-Fi of modem

3d) capture the time, Wi-Fi strength and router IP

4) If any, picture of additional router, model number and SSID name

5) Does TV box / smart TV connect by Wi-Fi or LAN outlet?

6) Does Laptop able to connect to LAN, if remote access required

7) At time certain site/server slow is due to congestion of that server. Please provide the picture and site URL for assessment

8 ) Name / Mobile phone number / unit number / building name / street

Please send above to

From IHalo support team

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